The “Mentor Me! Program, supported by First Niagara Foundation, equips mentors with the basic knowledge and skills needed to build an effective mentoring relationship, and mentees with a good role model to build belief in their own self-worth.

Obligations, trust building and appropriate roles are thoroughly introduced with potential mentors. Opportunities and challenges associated with mentoring and sources of assistance available to support mentors are offered.

Mentors will work with youth ages 5-18 in a variety of settings which include traditional mentoring: one-on-one matches between youths and adults as well as group mentoring that links one (1) adult with up to five (5) young people. Plus, mentees can be involved with peer mentoring which connects caring youth with other adolescents.

The program offers a way for compassionate adults to support community youth in a nurturing and caring environment in order to promote the youth’s social and emotional well-being.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Mr. Robert Lowery at or at 716-825-1016.