Tracking Steps to Success

In partnership with Elmwood Village Middle School, physical education teacher, David Phillips and EVCS staff, BGCB members participated in a two and a half week challenge to track the steps to success.

Comprised of BGCB members from each homeroom, teams wore pedometers during school hours. The kids competed in a contest to find the team with the highest cumulative step count as well as the highest individual stepper. Winners were awarded a much coveted trip to attend this year's Hometown Huddle. The purpose of the 13 day contest was to promote daily physical activity and utilize our “Triple Play” program throughout the school day. During the “Pedometer Project,” members earned wristbands that signified accomplishments in the number of steps they had walked. Teachers were involved and tracked their own steps “just for fun,” so that students could see how a much smaller team of adults walked in comparison. A visual display helped students learn “fun facts” about walking and guage how they were matching up against their competition in the school.