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Butler-Mitchell Renovation Project
With your donation, you will play a large role in the efforts of Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo and several key partners to renovate our highly used, but visibly weathered, Butler-Mitchell Clubhouse on Massachusetts Ave. located on Buffalo's west side.
Filled Backpack Purchase
Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo is once again collecting backpacks
and school supplies for kids in need across Western New York!
You can help by donating money or purchase a prefilled backpack for a child in need.
Meal Programs
Every day hundreds of children and their families rely upon the Boys & Girls Club for snacks and meals. By providing healthy food we keep children strong and growing.

Your gift could buy a child lunch or nourish a small neighborhood. And the help you provide today will foster innumerable better tomorrows.
Education Supplies and Homework Help
Club staff use all the areas and programs in the Club to create opportunities for "high-yield learning activities", which include leisure reading, writing activities, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others, homework help, tutoring and games like Scrabble® that develop young people's cognitive skills.

Select a level of giving and see how your gift can directly benefit ...
Arts & Crafts Materials
For children the arts and crafts are essential to learning how to apply ideas. These programs impart confidence and creativity and they teach important job and life skills too. The ability to design, draw and implement a vision are important in so many careers.

But arts and crafts supplies are hard to come by for those children whose families struggle just to pay rent and buy food.

Help ...
Sports & Recreation
Health and Fitness are integral to happiness and success but today, children are tempted by poor food choices and sedentary entertainments.

The Boys & Girls Club provides the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Your gift of supplies, games, learning tools or athletic facilities will provide immeasureable benefit that children will benefit from throughout their lives.
Computer Lab
Technology fires the American dream but too many of our youth are being left behind. The Boys and Girls Clubs have moved aggressively to fill the gaps and provide access to technology and information that empowers young minds.

Your gift will provide our children with access to technology at an early age. It will inspire and teach, laying a foundation for success in career and life.
Field Trips
By providing a safe, structured environment for socializing and play, the Boys & Girls Clubs provide islands of respite.

Your gift will achieve two goals: First, by making the clubhouse fun and engaging, the clubs become the popular focal points of children's lives. Second, the children themselves become the most compelling advocates of the Boys and Girls Club ethos. When they form ...
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