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Youth of the Month
2011 Youth of the Year 
Celeste Dejac
Celeste Dejac 2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- Southside Clubhouse

Celeste is an excellent role model to the kids at Southside Clubhouse. Celeste has been a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs for 12 years & has worked as a Jr. staff with 5-7 year olds for 3 years. She shows leadership & commitment in everything that she does. She is an active young leader who has ...
Darius White
Darius White- 2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- William C. Baird Clubhouse

Darius has been a great leader at the William C. Baird Clubhouse. In his seventh grade year, Darius was picked by Mr. Dave, a mentor at Harvey Austin to be apart of the Leaders in Training program from 2008-2009.This honor sparked his hunger even more to be involved in his community. 2009 proved to be a great year for ...
Hassan Musa
Hassan Musa 2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- John F. Beecher Clubhouse

Hassan has been a member of the John F. Beecher Clubhouse for three years. When you first meet Hassan he is very quiet and humble. Once he opens up, you have the opportuntiy to witness a young man who loves to help others and takes pride in doing so. Hassan has a great sense of humor and has a quick wit about him. The ...
Kantina Artison
Kantina Artison 2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- Butler Mitchell Clubhouse

Kantina has acted as a Mentor for the Project ASK Science program, assisted in developing a Smart Girls program for the younger members, and leads the Kids Café program along with other teens. Katina also, participates in the Second Chance Mentoring program, this provides her with a college mentoring to instill ...
Shaquille Drewitt
Shaquille Drewitt 2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- Babcock Clubhouse

Shaq has participated in various programs such as SMART Moves, Street SMARTS, Career Launch, Money matters, and Job Ready. The younger club members especially enjoy Shaq’s personal hip hop and dance performances. Not only did Shaq complete volunteer work throughout the club and working with other youth, he began coordinating ...
Timothy Broadus
2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- Masten Clubhouse:

Timothy has been attending the club for 4 years and enjoys participating in programs like Passport to Manhood, Triple Play, SMART moves and Keystone Club. Timothy has a passion for speaking to youth about gang violence and drug awareness. In the fall of 2011 Timothy will be attending Full Sail University in Florida where he will be studying ...
Tyler Carpenter
Tyler Carpenter- 2011 Youth of the Year Candidate- Eggertsville Youth & Community Center Clubhouse

Tyler has been a member of the Amherst Boys & Girls Club for 7 years. Tyler is an outstanding role model to the younger members, Tyler’s favorite thing to do at the club is help the younger members with their homework, Tyler says “I feel I can connect with them more on a personal level.” Tyler is ...
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