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Kids: Join Here
Become a Member

To become a member of the Club, a Parent or Guardian must complete an application packet; this packet includes a membership form a  TANF form, characteristic form, Food Program form and a Blue Card. The packet needs to be returned to the Clubhouse Director at the Club they wish to join. Clubhouse Directors will assist the Parent or Guardian in filling out the application packet.

Ages 5 to 12: Clubhouse Directors will have the Department of Social Services (DSS) income guideline chart to be able to determine fees. If a family is under the income guideline for the family size, they may be eligible to receive free daycare through DSS. These parents or guardians will need to complete a DSS application and call 858-TYKE (8953) and schedule an appointment. If a parent or guardian attends an appointment with DSS (whether they are approved or not) their fees will be waived. If the parent chooses not to go to DSS, the fee is $70.00 per child.

Families who are over the income guidelines need to meet with their Clubhouse Director to discuss weekly fees.

13 years old and older: Membership fee is $10.00 a year.

Please see the Clubhouse Director for specifics about memberships. Click HERE for Clubhouse Locations.

2014-2015 Member Application  (1265.66 KB, application/msword)
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